Clean Eating: What it means for me

I feel like recently I have seen a lot of different information regarding “clean eating”.  I’ve seen it on Pinterest, Instagram, in magazines and on television.  A few months ago I did some research to come up with what the term “clean eating” would mean for me and how I would incorporate it into my life.

My goal is to focus on something I am going to call the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 rule involves clean eating 80% of the time and normal, good, not too crazy choices 20% of the time.  An occasional splurge is okay and is needed every now and then to keep me from going crazy.

It is also important to really understand what you’re putting into your body.  For example, when looking at an ingredient list if I can’t pronounce something or I don’t know what it is why would I then want to put it into my body?  If there are lots of ingredients listed then it seems that the item would be more processed.  Of course, there will always be exceptions and my plan is to do the best I can when presented with challenges.

Starting fresh with something new always comes with breaking bad habits that are currently in place.  I found a good post about getting started clean eating on the blog “He and She Eat Clean” and there are some good tips that I think help to get started.

These are things I already do, but there is always room for improvement:

  • Look at ingredient lists and nutritional information
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store
  • Drink adequate amounts of water

These are some things that I would like to work on:

  • Cut back on soda (eventually I’d like to not drink it at all)
  • Cut back on added sugar
  • Eat smaller amounts, more often

It is important to realize that something like this should be considered a lifestyle and not a diet.  I am not a fan of dieting, but healthy lifestyle changes are a key in becoming a better me.  I always seem to feel better and have better energy when I am not putting processed junk into my body.


2 thoughts on “Clean Eating: What it means for me

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog Allison. I agree with your 80/20 rule. I need to tweak some of my eating choices as well. I did give up soda years back and I do not even miss it at all.

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