Life Changes: How to be successful

Even though I have chosen to make life changes instead of resolutions I think they can kind of be thought of as the same thing.  One of the main reasons people fail to stick with their New Year’s Resolutions is because they become overwhelmed and then just give up.  The other day before I went to work I saw a great blog post by Anne from Fannetastic Food about how to make a successful New Year’s resolution.  I took a lot away from her post and it really made me realize that even though I want to make life changes that I will follow through and stick with, it is important to not get overwhelmed.

The great thing about New Year’s is that on January 1st you have a clean slate and a chance to start fresh.  That is what I had in mind when I decided on my life changes.  While my life changes are things I hope to stick with forever and especially throughout 2014, I realize it may be more helpful to look at them in a more short term sense.  Looking at how to accomplish my goals on a shorter term basis allows me to change my current habits so I will stick with them in the long run.

Life Change 1: Wear my FitBit Flex Daily (goal of 10,000 steps daily)

So far, so good on this goal.  I think I have already broken it down because I set a daily goal and it is something I can see results from immediately once I log into my FitBit app or my online dashboard.  I am a visual person so this works perfectly for me.

Here is my dashboard for yesterday January 7, 2014:


 My biggest challenge is to get my 10,000 steps on days that I don’t work.

So for me a daily/weekly goal for my overall life change would be to focus on getting steps in on days I am not working.  Another thing is to get to the gym to work out on days that I am off or do not go into work until the afternoon (which would be at least 2 days during each week).

Life Change 2: Track Using MyFitnessPal Daily

Again, this is an easy one for me because I visually see what I do on a daily basis.

Here is my tracker so far today (I slept in so I have only had breakfast so far):

MyFitnessPal 01082014

 I struggle to track when I eat out or do not prepare my meals for home or work.

So for me a daily/weekly goal is to make sure I completely track each day.  If I am not sure of how to track a food I will try to find something close to it to track.

Life Change 3: Eat More Whole Foods/Eat Less Processed Foods:

This is where I could see myself getting overwhelmed so breaking it down into more specific daily/weekly changes will be very helpful.  I did a post last week about what clean eating means for me and how I hope to ultimately change my way of eating.

A daily/weekly goal I want to focus on for the next few weeks is to really take a look at what foods I am putting into my body.  I will avoid foods that contain ingredients I am unfamiliar with and also ones with ingredient lists that contain more than 5 ingredients.  

Life Change 4: Cook more/including meal prep to be prepared at work:

Again, I can definitely see myself getting overwhelmed with this goal.

I used some of my free time Friday to go through a lot of magazines I had laying around and then used my Pinterest to pin all the recipes I found that I would eventually like to try.  Having all these recipes together in one place makes me feel more organized.  Plus I got rid of a ton of magazines so my house isn’t as cluttered.  I also have a ton of cookbooks (which I love), so on Saturday morning I went through a lot of them a used post it note flags to mark all the recipes I am interested in making.  Having an easy way to flip through for recipes will help me as I sit down and plan out my meals and prep.

A daily/weekly goal I will focus on for the next few weeks is to use my day off during the week (either Tuesday or Wednesday) to make a plan, grocery shop, and prepare myself for work.  I will also do some meal prep on other days as needed based on my work schedule. 

Life Change 5: Live in the moment–enjoy every single day

Sometimes I get so caught up in life that I forget to stop and enjoy all the good things and I bet a lot of people can relate.  I think this can lead to a general attitude that people don’t necessarily like.  I am a firm believer that if I exude positivity than so will the people around me.

A daily/weekly goal to help me live in the moment is to do a short recap blog post each week to say something positive from every single day.

I hope breaking down my overall goals will make them stick!


4 thoughts on “Life Changes: How to be successful

  1. Allison,I enjoyed this article. I am bad about not getting enough exercise. I am looking at preparing more meals at home also. Thanks for sharing good job!!!

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