Life Changes: Weekly Update

Since we are now almost halfway through the month of January I thought I would take a moment and recap about how my life changes have been going since my post on how to be successful last Wednesday.

Lets take a look at the last week:

  • I feel really good about my overall fitbit stats from this past week:Image

I reached my goal on every day that I worked, but I still need to focus on getting in my steps and working out on days that I am not at work.

  • I’ve logged all my days on my fitnesspal as best as I could (had to guesstimate a few things)
  • I also feel really good about the foods I have been eating and what I’ve put into my body.
  • I spent some time Wednesday hitting the grocery store and did some meal prepping Thursday morning before work

Lastly, I feel like I was able to find something each day that I was grateful for and appreciated:

Wednesday January 8, 2014: Chase and I went out to dinner at Full Moon Oyster Bar to celebrate his birthdayImage

Thursday January 9,2014: I cooked some blueberry power muffins and made some homemade vegetarian burrito bowls for work (these included brown rice, black beans, rotel, and wholly guacamole)

Friday January 10,2014: I used my Chick Fil A calendar card to finally try their chicken tortilla soup (it was good…I think I want to try to make it at home)

Saturday January 11, 2014: My partner at work was nice enough to come in and help us and brought me a nice, hot Dunkin Donuts coffee

Sunday January 12, 2014: Chase was nice enough to come over when I got off work and help me put together this amazing mirror I got from Pier One for Christmas

Monday January 13, 2014: It was Moe Monday, what more can I say :)

Tuesday January 14, 2014: I am off work today (even though I was there for awhile) so I took some me time and started to read the book: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman that I received for Christmas from Chase’s parents

Living in the moment: here and now


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