Daily Gratitude

I have been on vacation since last Wednesday so I have been slacking a little on my posting, but I did want to follow-up on one of my life changes goal of finding something from each day I am grateful for and appreciated:

Wednesday January 15, 2014: My mom came by work and surprised me! I was very thankful for her visit :)

Thursday January 16, 2014: I had a really productive visit with my boss

Friday January 17, 2014: Chase and I had a lunch date at Chick-Fil-A and also went snowboarding at Appalachian Ski Mountain

Saturday January 18, 2014: Chase and I got to spend the day with his family celebrating his brother Chad’s birthday!

Sunday January 19, 2014: I found an awesome snowboard set up at the Ski and Tennis Station in Winston.  I can’t wait to go snowboarding more!

Monday January 20, 2014: Today was an awesome Monday at work, which hasn’t been happening recently.

Tuesday January 21, 2014: Today was my last day of work before VACATION!!

Wednesday January 22, 2014: Chase and I flew to San Francisco today and had an uneventful flight + tried In-N-Out for the first time!


Thursday January 23, 2014: California is wonderful and today we went to Lake Tahoe.  It is gorgeous!

Friday January 24, 2014: Chase, his friend Chris, and I spent the day snowboarding at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe.  It was amazing!


Saturday January 25, 2014: Sightseeing around Lake Tahoe was great!  It is one of the prettiest places I’ve seen.


Sunday January 26, 2014: Chase’s friends live in Livermore, CA which is right in the middle of a ton of vineyards!  Wine tasting today was a lot of fun!


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