Preparing For The Week Ahead

Last night as I was browsing through Pinterest I saw a pin that caught my eye.  It was titled “9 things you should do every weekend to RESET for a fresh, smooth week” and I was definitely intrigued.  I whole-heartedly agree with Blair that doing a little planning and prepping on Sunday can make the coming week much better.  Today our pharmacy hours change and while I am looking forward to getting off at 7pm during the week my whole schedule changes (and will change again at the end of August when my new staff pharmacist starts).  This week I work Monday-Wednesday and then Friday-Monday meaning Thursday is my only day off out of 8 days so I know I need to be prepared and ready to take on the week.

Thanks to Blair’s post here are some things I will accomplish today:

  1. Wash my sheets and make my bed
  2. Do laundry and choose outfits for the week
  3. Prepare breakfast and lunch for Monday
  4. Empty all the trashcans
  5. Wipe down the bathroom and kitchen & tidy the rest of the house
  6. Restock the fridge/pantry

In regards to restocking the fridge and pantry I have also decided on some quick dinners to make when I get home from work:

  • Monday: to celebrate Brixx’s 16th anniversary they are doing a BOGO sale so I think we will go out to eat tonight
  • Tuesday: taco tuesday!!
  • Wednesday: spaghetti (using half the browned meat from Tuesday night)
  • Thursday: **I’m off work today so I plan on making mini meat loafs, twice baked potatoes, and a veggie

Hopefully between all these little tasks and errands we can go enjoy our new pool that just opened!!


Have a wonderful Sunday!


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