Twenty Fifteen: I can’t believe it

As Chase and I were driving back from his parent’s house in Fort Mill after celebrating Christmas we got to talking about the upcoming new year.  I like looking at the new year as a fresh start and a time to start over with some things and continue other things.  Chase said he doesn’t make New Years resolutions and as I decided last year I am leaning more towards making life changes and not just resolutions.  I feel like 2014 was a pretty good year (although it seemed to fly by) full of some pretty major life changes so I am excited to see what 2015 brings.

  1. Nag less (I don’t think I am a huge nag, but if you ask Chase he might have a different answer).  Along with this I hope to also say things I have to say that are bothering me once and then move on—no need to continue to bring it up.
  2. Make really good use of my time off to prepare for my time at work.  I love working 10 hour days much closer to home because most nights I can get home and cook/finish dinner.  I know that it is late for Chase to wait and eat so along with this life change is:
  3. Make it a point to eat dinner together at least one night a week that I am working.  On the other nights Chase will have things available because I will have prepared for the week.
  4. Again this ties into #2 but I hope to be able to prepare base items/foods and then be a little more flexible in my meal plan based on what life throws at us.
  5. Chase and I don’t eat out much at all so we want to continue to look at that more as a treat than the norm.

Of course I want to continue eating and living healthy.  I feel like I found a happy medium in 2014, but want to expand on the whole concept of eating clean and continue to eat and use more whole foods.  Look forward to more on that in the future :)

Are you listening 2015—BRING IT ON!!

Christmas 2014


One thought on “Twenty Fifteen: I can’t believe it

  1. That is a really great picture of the two of you! I need to make more dinner at home also. One of the things I love to do is pull my crock pot out put what ever I am cooking in it and it is done by dinner. Everything you put in it comes out amazing! And it is soooo easy! Thanks for sharing your blog enjoyed reading it!!!

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